TRESemme is a well known brand that has just introduced a new line of dry shampoos. Them being the first major brand to venture into suce terriotory, I hope others will soon follow. They have come oue with two formulations. A Dry shampoo for oily/straight hair, and a waterless foam shampoo for curly/dry hair. And me likey.

I personally prefer the dry shampoo (which is a spray) because it actually soaks up the oils in my hair. The waterless one more will mask the odors and give volume while only soaking up part of the oil. But really, they are both really nice and deserve a look-see next time that you happen to be in CVS. I got mine for around $10 for both, so I’m guessing that they would be like $5 each or arounf there. These can be found anywhere that sells TRESemme is not right now, than surely soon.