Healthy Hair 101: Reconstruct! Thursday, Apr 8 2010 

This product has been overly hyped so much that I won’t even bother talking too long about it. CHI silk Infusion does not work as a serum for me. Uh-huh my hair is too thick and curly for it too work. But, it does a create job of smoothing split ends and helping make the hair above the split end healthy so the end does not split anymore up the shaft. How it does this? Not a clue. But it works, and that is what counts. 5 stars.


Healthy Hair 101: Heat protection Wednesday, Apr 7 2010 



When we subject our hair to heat, we break it more than we know and basically fry it. For all heat protection I need, I reach for CHI 44 Iron Guard. (wow, con I sound cheesier?) This product smells like guys cologne(yum!) and protects you hair like armor. The trick to this is to let it dry before you heat it. Otherwise it will do just as much damage. I apply this mostly too my end but also a few sprays towards the top of my hair to ensure that my hair does not break off higher up on my head. 5 stars from moi.

Healthy Hair 101: Deep Condition Tuesday, Apr 6 2010 


Garnier Fructis 3-minute undo dryness reversal treatment is from the new Triple Nutrition line from Garnier Fructis. These products have olive, avoxado, and shea oils in them. And this particular product has apricot seeds in it. Which is plain weird. I’m not sure how a seed can add moisture, is it supposed to exfoliate my follicles? I use this product solely on the ends of my hair and after I do, it feels really soft and nice. There really isn’t  asmell that my nose can detect and that lasts on your hair. I have also tried it as a leave-in conditioner (that’s another post) and it doesn’t really work well for that, it has a tendency to weigh hair down. Also, be sure to rinse out the product really well. It really wants to hold onto hair but it will bring down volume. The verdict? 5 stars.

Hair Extremities- Finishing Paste Sunday, Apr 4 2010 


CHI Twisted Fabric adds a whole lot of texture. The glue like paste smells like glue. This creates a matte texture in the hair and a lot of pieceiness at the bottom. 1 star, it smells like glue, and creates a extremely matte finish. It also weighs down the hair creating a really flat look. It also creates a film on the hair that you can feel through out the day and into the next day even with shampoo. Do you have twisted fabric? Am I using it wrong?

I’d Love a Fresh Start! Friday, Apr 2 2010 

TRESemme is a well known brand that has just introduced a new line of dry shampoos. Them being the first major brand to venture into suce terriotory, I hope others will soon follow. They have come oue with two formulations. A Dry shampoo for oily/straight hair, and a waterless foam shampoo for curly/dry hair. And me likey.

I personally prefer the dry shampoo (which is a spray) because it actually soaks up the oils in my hair. The waterless one more will mask the odors and give volume while only soaking up part of the oil. But really, they are both really nice and deserve a look-see next time that you happen to be in CVS. I got mine for around $10 for both, so I’m guessing that they would be like $5 each or arounf there. These can be found anywhere that sells TRESemme is not right now, than surely soon.

Hair Extremities: Detangling Spray Friday, Apr 2 2010 

Most leave in conditioners do a fine job of untangling my hair. But occasionally, I do need the extra help. Enter Pantene Detangling spray. It is also a light conditioning spray that helps even more with future tangles. It smells divine, doesn’t weigh down the hair, and its effect are instantaneous. I recommend spraying it on damp hair although you could spray it on dry hair if you were having an awful tangly hair day. 5 stars.