Famed by philosophy fanatics everywhere, HIAJ is said to be a miracle moisturizer, it is said to hydrate, exfoliate and protect the skin. I can see how it would hydrate and it certainly does hydrate very gently, but exfoliate? How? As far as i can tell there are no beads in this product to slough off dead skin, this leads me to believe it is some type of chemical exfoliante. Now this scares me because doesn’t it seem like there is a limit to how many times a day this can be applied? And there is no SPF in the regular HIAJ, so how does it protect? Sephora says it protects by using anti-oxidants. And how do anti-oxidants protect the skin? 2 stars, too much medical mystery going on! This product is also expensive but sephora came out with a little travel/trial size for 15 dollars.